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  • Just right for learning
    Just right for learning

    Our resources are matched to the KS2 English Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland. 

  • Engage, react and learn
    Engage, react and learn

    Watch your children giggle, sigh, cry, laugh out loud, think and learn.

  • Ready Steady Grow!
    Ready Steady Grow!

    Our brand new 0-2yrs ipad app means your little one can grow up with a second language.

  • Again and again
    Again and again

    You know the words that get used in speech again and again? We start with those… and then the story grows!

  • More than just good stories
    More than just good stories

    Alongside the stories you’ll find interactive games as well as all kinds of things to download and read, fill in, cut-out, colour in and do.

Welcome to GrowStoryGrow -

the story-telling resource for literacy and language


News: It's book Week, so we've opened up the whole site for the whole week! Just click on the red login button, above right, and enter 'book' and 'week12' as your username and password.


Our online library of enchanting online stories offers teachers and parents the perfect way to help children become KingLouis-001passionate about languages. The best way to find out how they work is by trying them out. That's what our free stories are for.


Our method

The uniqueness of our stories lies in the progression embedded into the stories, allowing your children to learn and grow in confidence. The best place to start with a new language is with the words that get used again and again in everyday speech. That's what our stories do. These high frequency words which form up to 50% of speech, help children to sentence build and are great for improving general literacy. 

Our languages include English (ESL, TEFL), French, Spanish, German and Mandarin


littleRedKey features

  • ·         Over a hundred stories inspire your child to learn a new language: English (TEFL, ESL) French, Spanish and German

  • ·         Interactive games provide personal feedback and scores to motivate your child to learn

  • ·         Sentence-building using high frequency words to improve general literacy

  • ·         Cross-curricular themes such as history, RE, science, citizenship

  • Thousands of resources to download

  • ·         Supporting the curriculum, the QCA framework, KS2 English Curriculum and the Primary Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.


Our new iPad app

Try out our new ipad app to help you bring up baby bilingual here.



Subscribe to over 100 magical stories in English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin. Here!

With one simple login, you, your colleagues and your pupils can access this wonderful language-library at school or at home.



In 2011, when GrowStoryGrow launched, it was a finalist for several prestigious awards:

  • BETT awards
  • Nielsen Innovation of the Year Award
  • Frankfurt Book Fair Digital Award
  • Linguascope Product of the Year Award

This made us proud but more important to us are the hundreds of wonderful comments made by our users. Find out what they are saying here.

Discover simple stories together. Inspire your child to learn a language you know and love or learn along with your child.

Children love us

They tell you why...

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"I find a lot of the stories invaluable in supporting both the QCA scheme and the Catherine Cheater scheme. Y5 love the planet one!"

More teachers comment...

Children love us

December story of the month


The nativity

This beautiful story, simply told, will create a magic around the nativity. You can access this story using the following log in...

username: Christmas

password: stories


It will be available until the 30th of December.



Subscribe to over 100 magical stories in English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin. Here!

Finalist in 2011 BETT Awards


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