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Our method


Again and again

The best place to start with a new language is with the words that get used again and again in everyday speech. That’s what our stories do.


the-mobJust 12 words

Did you know that just 12 words make up about 24% of many languages? Our stories focus on these words and use these to teach basic pronunciation, simple sentence-building and core language structures. 


forty-thievesJust 100 words

And then it goes on from there. Just 100 words account for 50% of many languages.  Reading and saying these words over and over in the stories helps children enjoy the stories and remember the new vocabulary. 


goldilocksHigh frequency words

High frequency words play an important role in learning another language and provide a valuable basis for progressing onto more specialist vocabulary. Building a store of high frequency words give new learners confidence and allows them to move on to more complex language as their skills develop.


Find out more about High Frequency Words in Val’s paper, published in 2005


Discover simple stories together. Inspire your child to learn a language you know and love or learn along with your child.

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"I find a lot of the stories invaluable in supporting both the QCA scheme and the Catherine Cheater scheme. Y5 love the planet one!"

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