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Watch your children giggle, gasp and learn as they make their way through our online library of enchanting stories.Mordiana


What makes our stories so special?

Our unique collection of stories has been specially structured to help children learn a language. They are simple, repetitive and 'grow' as different levels allow children to work at their own pace and level, at school or at home.


What kind of stories are there?

There are well-known stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella...

There are curriculum-themed stories such as the solar system, Remembrance Day...Blob

There are world-wide stories from India, China, South Africa...


How many stories are there?

Over a hundred!


What languages are available?

 English (TEFL, EAL), French, Spanish and some in German, Italian and Mandarin.


What age and level are the stories aimed at?hare

Between 5-12. The stories are divided into different levels of difficulty, starting with very easy single words, to more complex paragraphs.


Are the stories matched to the curriculum?

Yes! They are matched to the KS2 English curriculum and Primary Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.


Are there any games?

Games mirror the content of the stories and help the children learn in a non-threatening and simple fashion. The instant feedback and progressive steps makes the games addictive and fun.


Can I try before I buy?shoeshiner

Yes, of course! In fact, you should! You can subscribe for a two-week trial here.


What is the story of the month?

Every month we publish a story which you can subscribe to for free, here.


How much are the stories?

They are £65 for a primary school. This gives you, your colleagues and your children access to all of the stories, resources and games, in all of the languages, for a period of one year. For other prices, you can look here.


Is there a user guide?

Yes, here!

Discover simple stories together. Inspire your child to learn a language you know and love or learn along with your child.

Children love us

They tell you why...

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"I find a lot of the stories invaluable in supporting both the QCA scheme and the Catherine Cheater scheme. Y5 love the planet one!"

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Any queries?

Please contact: sales@growstorygrow.com

Our free stories

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