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Ruth Kidd, Barnsbury Primary School

We definitely want to resubscribe please. I am finding the site excellent, and have used so many of the stories in different ways with years 1-6!

Carole Sinclair, Saint Philips Primary School, Wigan

I find a lot of the stories invaluable in supporting both the QCA scheme and the Catherine Cheater scheme.  Y5 love the planet one!

John Kildea, St. Margaret’s PS, Polmont, Falkirk.

We used the story of Goldloecken und die drei Baeren “auf Deutsch” on Wednesday last. We showed the story using the pictures, added the German text and then I translated it for the class allowing them to guess the nouns and adjectives that were repeated throughout. Klein/e/es, Bett/Betten. We plan to use this in an assembly to the P1to P3 classes at the end of October. The children will present the story with the resource pictures and a bilingual text.

Cecilia Chantaduc

'GrowStoryGrow is just what our students need in order to develop their literacy skills across the whole school.'

Catherine Mcelroy

Thanks again for these great cross-cultural ideas! My children are Year 1 but they love trying out words in different languages!

Jeanne Grant, Uist & Barra Schools

I have just looked at The Solar System story and, as ever, it is excellent!

Nina Thain, Preston Lodge High School

I used The Remembrance Day story with my S3 German Access class. It was nice because it had 3 languages in it, which they all recognised. They reacted really positively to the story and we created a Remembrance Day page in their jotters, using the phrase "Sie sind tot, sie sind alle tot" in all 3 languages.

My bunch are not always very easy to please but this hit the spot and provoked quite a lot of intelligent discussion!

Hilary Knowles, primary school teacher

Year 6 have now produced their own paper versions of 'Blob' in French. He's become quite a mascot!

Robert Palmer, Spires Academy

I used your story regarding Remembrance day in today's whole school assembly.

Caroline Sillett, Down Ampney Primary school

I thought you might like to know that the Remembrance story was a huge success. Quite often the stories are humorous so I had primed the children (mixed age KS2 class 7-11 years old) that this was serious, and they were so responsive. Normally we use the stories in French, but they were so interested to hear the text in German as well. Loved The Last Post to finish - very moving.

Liz Crofts, Pikemere Primary

I showed the stories on the interactive whiteboard and the children loved coming out to the front in turn to touch the different images to see what happened/they said.  Delightful!

Girl at computer

Children giggle, gasp and learn!


 Ali Baba and the forty thieves


Jack and the beanstalk


Sleeping beauty


Guy Fawks


The Great Wall of China


The wind and the sun

... and many more!