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Alison Clark, Halwill CP School

I have found this resource invaluable.

Maureen Swanson, Sacred Heart Primary, Hertfordshire

I had fun using the French Life cycles, in Science, with Y5 last week.

Liz Glasser, Headteacher

Grow Story Grow is a very useful extra resource. I've just given a staff meeting, in which I allowed plenty of time for the staff to become better acquainted with the site. I hope you go from strength to strength!

Elisa Woffenden, Hothfield Primary School

I think it (GrowStoryGrow) is a brilliant resource!

Allyson Castle, Norfolk

I showed our Year 5 & 6 class the "Sac en plastique" story- they are currently doing a topic on recyling and we have been doing some revision from last year. After one viewing of the story, they were then able to tell the story themselves- without the French words in front of them. They enjoyed it so much they asked if they could dress up and perform it to the school in an assembly.

Letitia, French teacher/co-ordinator, Saint Mary's Catholic Primary School, Wimbledon

The children love the stories and the graphics are brilliant. It will be a extremely welcome resource for specialists and non-specialists alike.

Jenny Berry, MFL co-ordinator, St John's Primary School, Bristol

I really like your story based approach because it offers potential for use by specialist and non specialist teachers alike. I like the mulit-lingual approach (we have lots of speakers of other languages), the potential to compare different language versions of the same story and expose the children to other languages; also that there are easy to follow lesson plan ideas linked to the Framework.

Sarah Amoah, language teacher, Switzerland

The children love Jack and the Beanstalk and other stories. They already seem more motivated to learn French, as they repeat words and phrases during the day and never complain when asked to watch the stories. They find parts funny and are really engaged. I think this is a fantastic resource. Congratulations on a job well done. It's also helping my French! I would love to subscribe to the full programme of 100 stories if possible, as I think the children would benefit enormously.

Claire Jenkinson, MFL teacher, Velmead Junior School, Fleet

I love your resource! Ive used it with my year 3 and 4 class and we will be using it in French week for KS2 assembly.Emma Chamberlain, Ashcott Primary School, Somerset

I have had a good look at the French stories at GrowStoryGrow and trialled the site with my French Club (Y5&6). We loved it and I particularly like the fact that you have such a mix of stories: fiction and non-fiction, traditional and modern. I plan to use the site with Y3 and Y4 this week and see how they like it.

Helen, French teacher, Freshford Primary School

Last week the infants re-enacted Quelle heure est-il M. Loup from memory. Great site!

Jean Watts, Primary teacher, St Michael's Middle School

We've started using it in lessons with some of our year 5 and 6 pupils - just  for sheer pleasure at this stage. They seem quite taken by it.

Girl at computer

Children giggle, gasp and learn!


 Ali Baba and the forty thieves


Jack and the beanstalk


Sleeping beauty


Guy Fawks


The Great Wall of China


The wind and the sun

... and many more!