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Jan Lewandowski, Primary Languages Consultant, Bedford Borough

I too think the `Sacs en plastique'is a really good story; it exemplifies what the KS2 Framework says we should be doing:

Taking a little language and using it well.

Simple language with a `sophisticated' theme- hard to find in primary languages just yet.

Pip Millard, MFL Co-ordinator, St Philip's CEVC School, Bath

Thank you very much Valerie - this is excellent - especially for getting the accents right! We are just starting out with MFL (French) so all ideas gratefully received!

Sarah Miller, All Saints East Clevedon Primary and Mary Elton Primary too, Somerset

Thanks for these resources. I showed the spider story to a class of Y1&2 year olds and they loved it. The other stories look fabulous too. I'll be using them a lot, teaching all age groups 4-11. Great as an intro to reading, something I've not done a lot of so far.

Rabia, Primary MFL teacher


John Bald, independent consultant

I've had a chance to use GrowStoryGrow with some Yr1 children and they really liked it. The scope of the stories is interesting - including one on the problems caused by plastic bags - and they are very well structured, with clear patterns of progress within each story. The graphics are excellent, and they make a superb addition to the resources available for modern languages. Well done, Val, and thanks.

Sylvia Georgin, Catterline Primary School

I've used the French stories with some of my P3-5s and they really like them.  The one on France is a great starter for getting the children to talk about what they know about France and they love 'La famille araignée' too.  Thanks, it's been very useful for me.

Tracy, Spanish teacher

I used Sleeping Beauty with KS1 which fitted brilliantly with National Book Week as they were doing traditional stories. I found it really clear and easy to take them through the story - and the children loved it. The sound effects and vocals were brilliant. They are quite new to Spanish but were able to access this at levels one and two. In fact they asked for it again this week! I also used more briefly the 'Music Monster' - again really enjoyed by all.

Gwyneth Wellings, Bradshaw Primary School

Hello,  Just to let you know that I tried out the Papa Noel story (Spanish) with my reception class today and they loved it!  We showed it first thing this morning on level 3 and I translated  it for them.  I then showed it again this afternoon and asked on each page whether they could remember what the words meant - and the children remembered!  Thank you for such a great resource, I will certainly be using it again.

Annie Beatty, East Lothian

Congratulations on the success of your fantastic learning resource. My background is not as a linguist so I found Grow Story Grow really helpful, especially with pronunciation. The children enjoyed the stories and found them fun and engaging.

Good luck for the future, I will try to spread the word about your resources.

Christine Brown, Hillary Primary School, West Midlands

I have used a couple of the stories on GrowStoryGrow with my Y3 class. To say they enjoyed them is an understatement! They loved the ‘silly voices’ on ‘L’heure M Loup’. They also liked the use of known characters to help. I liked the progression from simple introductory vocabulary to more complex phrases, which can be taken at a realistic pace for all abilities. Non-specialist teachers will also find it useful that the children can listen to the stories spoken clearly with a good French accent.

As our school is multicultural and we have some ‘New to English’ children, I have passed this on to the EAL co-ordinator, who believes it could be a useful tool for teaching English to N2E children. The lesson plans are useful, too!

Cath Doherty, Fulwell Junior School, Tyne and Wear

Just a quick line to let you know how much my class of Year 4 children enjoyed the story of The Four Friends from GrowStoryGrow. We started with level 1 and worked up to level 3. This is a great way for the children to follow how the sentence structure developed and gave them a tremendous sense of achievement.

I will definately be using the story again. Many thanks!

Girl at computer

Children giggle, gasp and learn!


 Ali Baba and the forty thieves


Jack and the beanstalk


Sleeping beauty


Guy Fawks


The Great Wall of China


The wind and the sun

... and many more!